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Dyson DC07 Pre Filter

Dyson DC07 Pre Filter
In Stock : $19.44

The Dyson DC07 Filter requires the Dyson DC07 Filter Seal (Part 903358-01).

The Dyson DC07 Pre Filter 904979-02 is located on the side of the cleaner head. This filter removes most dirt, dust, pollen, and mold spores from the air. Particles become trapped in the filters spongy medium where they will stay until they are washed out.

It is recommended that the DC07 Pre-Filter be washed every six months. The plastic holder and the blue foam pad can both be washed. Run the blue foam pad under water and ring it out about ten times, or until the water runs clean. It is not necessary to use detergents with the pre-filter; they may damage the blue foam pad.

After washing be sure both parts are fully dry before placing them back into the vacuum. Molding and deterioration of the blue foam pad can occur if placed back into the DC07 before completely dried. Let the filter and case air dry in a warm place.

Generic Dyson DC07 Pre-filters have not been made to Dysons specification. These filters could let more dirt and dust leak through the crack with their poor fit.

Replacing the DC07 Pre-Filter is a quick fix. No tools are required for this task.

To replace the filter on the DC07 follow these steps:

  • Turn off and unplug your DC07
  • On the right side of the cleaner head when the vacuum is facing you, is the filter release catch. Push this button to release the housing
  • Lift the housing from the vacuum
  • Remove the old pre-filter from the filter housing
  • Place a new genuine DC07 Pre Filter in the housing
  • Replace the housing in the vacuum, you should hear a click when it is in place

This filter is compatible with the following Dyson DC07 models: HSN Exclusive, All Floors, Multi Floor, Animal, Carpet, Full Gear, Fill Kit, Low Reach, Original, Pink, Purple/Scarlet HSN Exclusive, Target

This Pre-Filter replaces Dyson part number 904979-03.  Replacement part number for the Dyson DC07 Pre-Filter is 904979-02, DY-904979-02, DY-90497902.

How to Wash the Dyson DC07 Pre Filter :

(Click on image for full PDF version.)

Manufacturer: Dyson Parts
Manufacturer Part No: 904979-02
Filter: Dyson
Dyson Part Fits: Dyson DC07
Washable: Yes

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