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Dyson DC15 Brush Bar Roller

Dyson DC15 Brush Bar Roller
In Stock : $17.99

The Dyson DC15 replacement brush bar may be used to replace your worn brushbar on all Dyson DC15 models.

The genuine Dyson DC15 Brush Bar Assembly contains the two components of the DC15 brush bar. It is listed under the manufacturer number 909592-05. The brush bar is one of the hardest working parts of any vacuum cleaner, so it is important to monitor your DC15 brush bar for wear and tear and replace it with a genuine Dyson replacement brush assembly.

Genuine Dyson replacement parts, like this genuine Dyson Brush Bar Assembly, are designed to the original manufacturers standards, so you know that they will fit perfectly your Dyson vacuum. Genuine Dyson replacement parts match the superior quality and performance of the parts that were originally shipped with your DC15, so by using this genuine Dyson brush bar assembly, you will be ensuring that your vacuum has no weak links.

Using generic parts may seem like they could save you a buck, but it is not worth the risk to your vacuum cleaner. Using generic parts may void your warranty, and there is no guarantee that they will be a proper fit for your DC15. By using the genuine Dyson DC15 Brush Bar Assembly, you will know that the components you order are perfect matches for your DC15. A generic brush bar may not fit properly, impeding performance. If you use a generic belt with a genuine brush bar, you run the risk of the belt being too loose and damaging the other components of your vacuum or being too tight and causing stress on your brush bar. Both these scenarios could result in additional expenditures. Get the worry-free, superior results of genuine Dyson replacement parts.

To replace the brush bar in your Dyson DC15 vacuum, first power off and unplug your vacuum. Next, undo the soleplate fasteners with a coin or flathead screwdriver, rotate the endcaps to remove them from the sides of the cleaner head, and pull out each piece of the brush roll. You may now clear the cleaner head and brush bars of debris or replace the brush bar rollers. Then, insert the brush bars, reattach and turn the end caps back into position, and turn the colored soleplate fasteners back into the locking position. is an authorized dealer of genuine Dyson replacement parts. When you order DC15 parts from, you will only receive genuine Dyson DC15 parts, like this genuine Dyson DC15 Brush Bar Assembly.

The genuine Dyson Brush Bar Assembly is designed to work with all DC15 models, including the DC15 All Floors, DC15 Animal, DC15 HSN Exclusive, DC15 Total Clean, and DC15 Full Kit.

Manufacturer: Dyson

MPN: 909592-05, DY-909592-05, DY-90959205

Manufacturer: Dyson Parts
Manufacturer Part No: DC15 Brushbar 909592-05

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