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Vacuum-Direct offers a large range of air purifiers and the replaceable filters that help them perform at their best. Arguably, almost any air purifier is only as effective as the filter contained within it and many modern day filters can experience decay, in the form of clogging, over time. So, designing replaceable filters is one of the cornerstones of conventional air purifier technology.

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Green Klean Filters will clean the air of 99.98% of pollutants down to 0.1 micron in size.
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The celebrated purifiers manufactured by Austin Air utilize a proprietary 3-stage design that contains 60 square feet of medical-grade High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) filter medium and Vacuum-Direct carries replacement filters for every model of Austin Air purifier, including the HealthMate, HealthMate Jr., Allergy Machine, Bedroom Machine, HealthMate Plus, HealthMate Jr. Plus, Pet Machine, and Baby’s Breath. We also carry replacement pre-filters that help to arrest large particles before they reach the standard HEPA filter.

Vacuum-Direct also stocks replacement filters for AirTamer purifiers, as well as the soothing and pleasantly-scented AirTamer Aroma Cartridges. IQAir replacement parts are also represented, with a full line of filtration kits that can help you to maintain your IQAir purifier and keep it performing at maximum efficiency. IQAir’s celebrated gas filtration utilizes replaceable cartridges to effectively filter out harmful VOCs and gaseous pollutants from your household air and Vacuum-Direct offers these cartridges in replacement packs of 4.