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Bissell Vacuum Bags

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Bissell has been in the business of cleaning carpets since 1876. Over the years, Bissell’s vacuums have evolved, just as the parts used inside of these vacuums have. Bissell vacuum bags have been designed to capture dirt and debris collected by the vacuum.

When using Bissell vacuum bags, to receive optimum performance, it is best to change out the Bissell vacuum bags when they are either ½ to 2/3 full, or if the outside of the Bissell vacuum bag feels firm.  Doing this will keep small dust particles from cloggingairways in the bag, reducing air flow, possibly suction, and filtration efficiency. Letting the bag become over filled will make it difficult to change out the bag.

If you vacuum areas that are more prone to fine dirt and dust, or pet hair and dander, it is recommended that the bag be changed more often.  When changing the bag on your Bissell vacuum, it is a good idea to check your filter as well and replace it if necessary.  Doing so will help provide the best suction possible for your Bissell vacuum.