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Blueair Particle Filter for Pro Series

In Stock : $59.99

The Blueair Pro Particle Filters are specially designed to fit in the Pro series air purifiers.

Blueair is always on the cutting edge of design and technology. This is very apparent in their new Pro filter design, combining advanced filtration technology with space saving construction. The Blueair Pro Particle Filter incorporates tested HEPASilent technology in their filters.

For superior performance, the Blueair Pro Particle Filter is less dense than traditional filters. The lower density increases airflow, allowing the filter to clean more air. This is possible because of the ionizer and filter media working together. The ionizer charges particles in the air that are then captured by the polypropylene fibers of the filter. Once captured, the particles cling to the fibers where they will stay. The structure of the filter traps particles of all sizes, down to 0.1micron. These filters feature a progressive structure that traps particles, but does not clog the filter even when the filter is loaded with particles.

Polypropylene fibers in the Blueair Pro Particle Filter are naturally antibacterial. These fibers prevent mold and bacteria from growing and being released back into the air. While air is passing through the fibers of the filter, it will never shred them and release particles back into the air. The fibers are ultrasonically bonded together unlike others who use chemicals and binders to make the fibers stick together.

When Blueair created their filters, they wanted to make them environmentally friendly. Blueair Pro Particle Filters are 100% recyclable. The lower density of Blueair filters requires less air pressure to circulate air through, requiring less energy. Using less energy also generates less noise.

The Blueair Pro Series is offered in three sizes, each size requiring a different number of filters. It is important that you select the correct number of filters for your Pro series purifier.
Pro M – 1 Filter
Pro L – 2 Filters
Pro XL – 3 Filters

Media: Thermally Bonded Polyolefin
Number Of Filters: M-1, L-2, XL-3
Frame Material: Plastic
Dimensions (mm): 350H x 205W x (30 + 30)D

Manufacturer: Blueair
Manufacturer Part No: FProPA
Filtration Type: HEPASilent

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