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Blueair Smokestop Filter for PRO Series

In Stock : $119.95

Blueair combines their excellent HEPASilent filter with a layer of fortified carbon pellets to create the Blueair Smokestop Pro Filter.

The Blueair Smokestop Pro Filter can help eliminate odors, smoke, and VOC’s from your home or office. Unlike the Blueair Pro Series HEAPSilent Filter, the Smokestop filter features a layer of carbon pellets to combat unwanted gases and odors in your home or office.

Blueair uses a unique method of filtration for their air purifiers; particles pass through the ion chamber, and become electrically charged. These charged particles are attracted to the oppositely charged filter media. Using this method ensures that particles cling to the fibers of the filters, until your scheduled filter change when the filter is full.

Unlike conventional filters, Blueair filters do not need to be as dense to capture particles. Lowering the density of the filter allows air to flow through faster, creating a higher change over rate per square foot. Lower filter media density requires lower air pressure to circulate air through the room. This lowered air pressure uses less energy to push air through the filter, cutting noise, and saving energy. To make the Blueair Smokestop filter environmentally friendly, Blueair uses material in their filters that is 100% recyclable.

The Blueair Pro Series Smokestop filters remove unwanted allergens, smoke, odors, and VOC’s from the air. To achieve this, 2-4 pounds of active carbon with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide pellets were added. This layer of pellets removes ordor, smoke, and VOC’s from the air, while the layer of polypropylene fibers remove allergens. Polypropylene fibers used to construct the filters media are naturally antibacterial, prohibiting the growth of mold and bacteria. Stopping growth of these organisms keeps them from reintroducing harmful spores back into the air.

The Blueair Pro Series is offered in three sizes, each size requiring a different number of filters. It is important that you select the correct number of filters for your Pro series purifier.
Pro M – 1 Filter
Pro L – 2 Filters
Pro XL – 3 Filters

Media: Thermally Bonded Polyolefin and Active Carbon Pellets
Number Of Filters: M-1, L-2, XL-3
Frame Material: Plastic
Dimensions (mm): 350H x 205W x (30 + 30)D

Manufacturer: Blueair
Manufacturer Part No: FProSM
Filtration Type: SmokeStop

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