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Cirrus Vacuum Bags

Cirrus Vacuum produces two lines of vacuum cleaners: the Cirrus and the ProGrade vacuum cleaners. These vacuums are produced with durable, high-quality metal parts to reduce wear on critical vacuum parts.

While some Cirrus and ProGrade vacuums are bagless, many require a vacuum bag to deposit dust and debris. Genuine Cirrus vacuum bags are perfectly compatible with both Cirrus and ProGrade vacuum series and fall into four broad categories: genuine Cirrus Style A vacuum bags for upright vacuums, genuine Cirrus Style B vacuum bags for lightweight upright vacuums, genuine Cirrus canister vacuum bags, and the reusable genuine Cirrus cloth dump bag for certain upright vacuums. Using a genuine Cirrus vacuum bag will allow you to have a vacuum bag that is custom-made for your Cirrus and ProGrade vacuum, enhancing performance by maintaining a perfect seal.

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Cirrus Style B HEPA Vacuum Bags 6 Pack
In Stock: $14.48
Cirrus Style B HEPA Vacuum Bags 6 Pack
Cirrus Canister Vacuum Bags 6 Pack
In Stock: $12.48
Cirrus Canister Vacuum Bags 6 Pack

Genuine Cirrus Style A and Style B vacuum bags are also available with HEPA filtration. High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration captures 99.97% of all air particles down to a size of 0.3 micrometers, including bacteria, micro-fine dust, and common household allergens such as pollen, fungal and mold spores, and pet dander. By using Genuine Cirrus Style A and Style B HEPA filter bags, you will be helping to improve the air quality of your home just by vacuuming.

Maintain the professional service you receive from your Cirrus and ProGrade vacuum by using a genuine Cirrus vacuum bag. carries only genuine Cirrus vacuum bags made specifically by Cirrus for its ProGrade and Cirrus vacuum lines. If you have any questions regarding your order or have question about bag compatibility, call at 1-866-927-4327.