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Commercial Sweepers

When pulling out the full sized vacuum is impractical, using a Commercial Sweeper is the best option. Commercial Sweepers are designed to clean both carpets and hard floors. These sweepers are lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Our featured line includes Bissell Commercial Sweepers, which are perfect for restaurants, kitchens, & offices. If you need something picked up quickly with out plugging in a power cord, then these restaurant sweepers will be a perfect choice.

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Bissell Push Power Sweeper BG-477
In Stock: $899.00
Bissell Push Power Sweeper BG-477
Bissell Commercial Push Power Sweeper BG-497
In Stock: $1,199.00
Bissell Commercial Push Power Sweeper BG-497

Why Commercial Sweepers

Commercial Sweepers are offered in either manual or battery powered.  All that is required to operate the manual powered sweeper is a back and forth motion to turn the rollers on the bottom of the sweeper.  The rollers pick up dirt, foods, and other debris that has fallen onto the floor and deposit it into the dirt bin.  Some of the Commercial Sweepers are capable of being used even in wet situations.

With the battery powered Commercial Sweepers, the motor turns the brush roller, spinning it at a much faster rate than the manual one.  Using battery-powered sweepers can speed the task of vacuuming up.  These sweepers are generally not capable of being used a wet sweeper.

Why Order From offers a wide variety of vacuums and supplies, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help with any questions you may have about the Commercial Sweepers, or any other products we sell.  The call it Toll-Free at 1-866-927-4327.  Once you pick out the sweeper that best suites your needs, you can either order by phone or online.