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Dyson DC07 Wand Handle

Dyson DC07 Wand Handle
In Stock : $28.84

Dyson wand handle fits all DC07 vacuum models

The genuine Dyson DC07 Wand Handle is found under part number 904247-49. While this color variant, steel, was originally sold with the DC07 Animal, All Floors, Full Kit, and HSN Exclusive models, it is perfectly compatible with all Dyson DC07 vacuums. The DC07 Wand Handle number 904247-49 is now is the only variant available for the entire DC07 series. Compatible models includes the following: DC07 All Floors, Carpet, Target, HSN Exclusive, Purple Scarlet HSN Exclusive, Original, Pink, Low Reach, Animal, Full Gear, and Full Kit. The genuine Dyson DC07 Wand Handle Assembly includes the main vacuum handle and the steel wand, which are inserted into the vacuum hose.

To replace the wand handle, first turn off and unplug your DC07, and then press the button on the handle directly above the power button to release the handle and hose from the vacuum. Slide the hose down the wand until you hear a click, and then press the small wand release button at the top of the hose. This will allow you to separate the hose from the handle. A new wand handle can then be inserted directly into the top end of the hose. Slide the hose up the wand until the top of the hose is inside the handle and the hose cannot be pushed any further.

The genuine Dyson DC07 Wand Handle is designed to the original manufacturers specifications and will be a perfect fit for your DC07 vacuum. All of the Dyson parts sold by are genuine Dyson parts and will help you to maximize the performance of your Dyson DC07. While generic parts may seem to save you money in the short term, there are no guarantees that they will be a perfect match for your vacuum, and may end up damaging your vacuum in the long run. Dont risk it! Protect your investment and your Dyson DC07 by using genuine Dyson replacement parts.

Manufacturer: Dyson

Part number:
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-49, DY-904247-49, DY-90424749, color: steel and grey

Part numbers no longer available:
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-27, color: yellow and grey, no longer available
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-40, color: turquoise and grey, no longer available
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-50, color: red and grey, no longer available
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-37, color: turquoise and blue/purple, no longer available
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-37, color: pink and grey, no longer available
DC07 Wand Handle 904247-28, color: red and purple, no longer available

Manufacturer: Dyson Parts
Manufacturer Part No: 904247-49

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