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DC50 Vacuums

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The Dyson DC50 upright ball vacuum is the first upright from Dyson to offer the new 2 Tier Radial cyclones and latest ball technology.

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Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum
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Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum
With the Dyson DC50 upright vacuum cleaner, Dyson looked to reinvent several components that had brought them success over their years in the industry. The DC50 upright became home to  an advanced cleaning head that eliminates the need for the operator to bend down to change the height settings of the of the floor head. The newer cleaning head features a motor whose sole purpose is to power the brushbar. The new cleanerhead also doesn't have the rug strips found on previous models which removes unnecessary hindrance while vacuuming and allows for full contact with the floor. Even though there aren't rug strips, the DC50 can still handle varying floor types because the base plate of the cleaner head is self-adjusting to provide optimal contact with all floor types. Additionally, the brush roller bristles are constructed from a combination of stiff nylon bristles and anti-static carbon fiber filaments that effortlessly remove and retain dirt from carpets or solid floors. 

The new cyclonic system represents another evolution in the Dyson technology. The 2-Tier Radial Cyclone design proveds unmatched dirt capturing power in addition to maintaining superior airflow throughout the machine. The independent cyclone decks work in tandem to increase airflow and capture microscopic dusts from from the home. The 19 cyclonic chambers are split into two sets, with 10 of the chambers working the move air throughout the machine and reduce noise, while the remaining 9 chambers comprise the bottom deck to free the airways of incoming dirt and maintain the suction power of the vacuum as a whole. 

That's not all, the Dyson DC50 continues to be a superior machine with the latest iteration of the famous Dyson ball design. The ball design is the ultimate in vacuum maneuverability and is designed to reach awkward areas throughout the home. The ball has a mechanical purpose as well as it houses the vacuum's motor and inner workings, which also aids as the center of gravity for the upright. 

Finally, the DC50 upright is hailed as the smallest, yet mightiest, Dyson upright yet. For individuals looking for a full-power, full-feature vacuum that is lighter with a smaller storage footprint, the DC50 is the first place to look.