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Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum

Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum
Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum
Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum

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Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum offers all of the newest vacuum technology developed by Dyson engineers to produce the ultimate pet cleaning upright. Improved filter on all Dyson DC17 models clean the air while you clean.

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DC17 Abslolute Animal:

Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum is another step forward in pet cleaning solutions. The DC17 offers all of the newest technology developed by Dyson engineers to produce the ultimate pet cleaning upright. Packed with all of the standard "Animal" cleaning accessories: Carpet Car Kit, Mini Turbine Tool, Low Reach Floor Tool and standard on-board tools.

The DC17 series is the evolution of the DC14 vacuum model with many improvements, such as a direct drive brush bar and improved Root 6 Cyclonic Technology. The unique brush bar offers fantastic pick-up across all floor surfaces. The Root 6 Cyclonic Vacuum Technology offers more efficiency and cleaner air.

Features of the Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum includes:

  • Level 3 Root 6 cyclone technology: The worlds most efficient vacuum cyclone technology is now available in the home.
  • Never lose vacuum suction: A proven proven design.
  • Best pick-up performance: The unique brush bar design allows for superb cleaning on all floors.
  • Standard on-board tools:Dust Brush, Crevice Tool, and Furniture Tool.
  • Mini Turbine Head: Great little tool for pulling pet hair away from furniture upholstery, carpet, stairs, etc. A rotating brush head performs like a vacuum in the palm of your hand.
  • Low Reach Floor Accessory: This tool was designed to get under the bed and low tight spaces where normal vacuums cannot reach. 
  • Carpet Care Kit: This kit includes a tool to work with the Zorb dry cleaning powder, 1 package of Zorb cleaning powder, and 1 bottle of Dyzolv spot cleaning solution - great for pet stains and odor.
  • Brush Control Switch: All dyson vacuums have the ability to turn the brush head on and off with the touch of a switch. 
  • Telescopic reach wand: A fantastic feature which allows for high cleaning within a few seconds. One click of a button and extend the wand. 
  • Quick stair cleaning: Once again, the telescopic wand extends to offer total cleaning power.
  • Designed with balance for easy maneurving: Handle design is ergonomic and easy on the back and arms.   
  • No more filters or bags to buy: A pre-motor filter to removes particles down to 0.1 micron in size. The filter is fully washable. Dyson also uses an electrostatic filter after the motor for trapping harmful carbon emissions from the motor. This post motor filter never needs replacing.
  • "THE" vacuum for allergy sufferers: The British Allergy Foundation suggests dyson vacuums for allergy suffers. In fact, the air expelled dy the DC17 vacuum is up to 150 times cleaner than the air you breath.
  • Dyson lifetime HEPA filter: The air leaving the vacuum is cleaner than that entering the vacuum. 
  • Auto-Adjusting head for different carpet heights: The brush head auto adjusts for different floor types and heights. This helps maintain maximum suction with constant fixed surface contact between the brush head and floor.
  • Five (5)  year Dyson limited warranty: Dyson vacuums are warranted against factory defects in workmanship and material for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase, intended for private household purposes and in accordance with the Dyson Owners Manual. The warranty provides, at no cost to the purchaser, all labor and parts to place your vacuum cleaner in proper operating condition. 

*The DC17 overall outcleans other vacuums, room after room.

(*best average pick-up OR no loss of suction as it relates to the DC17: Dyson proves no loss of suction, best average pick up and 'overall outcleans other vacuums' using results from IEC60132 Cl 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.8, 2.9, ASTM F 608 and F 558, and DTM 755 - independently conducted dyson test.)

The following accessories are included with the DC17 Absolute Animal Vacuum:

Mini Turbine Head:The pet hair cleaning tool!
Low Reach Floor Tool: Great for under beds and furniture (delivered in Gray and Purple color)
Carpet Care Kit: Includes 1 x Zorp Dry Cleaning Powder, 1 x Zorb Groomer, and 1 x Dyzolv Spot Cleaner. 
Standard On-Board Tools: Crevice Tool, Round Dust Brush, Furniture Tool

Dyson proves "no loss of suction", "constant suction" and "doesn't lose suction" using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standards for all Dyson upright & canister vacuums. Dyson proves "no loss of suction", "constant suction" and "doesn't lose suction" using test methods based on the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standards for the Dyson Handheld. Dyson DC 17 vacuum cleaners prove "overall outcleans other vacuums" and "overall outcleans other vacuums" using test results from IEC 60312 Cl 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.8, 2.9 , ASTM F608 and F558, and DTM 755-an independently conducted Dyson test. The Dyson DC17 proves "best average pick-up" using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and ASTM F608 test standards.
Manufacturer: Dyson
Manufacturer Part No: Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum

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