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Dyson DC17 Hose

Dyson DC17 Hose
Dyson DC17 Hose
In Stock : $39.94

Dyson DC17 Replacement Hose.

The Dyson DC17 Hose 911645-07, aides in picking up debris that the cleaner head is not able to pick up. Different tools are able to attach to the wand or the hose itself to make cleaning easier. It is always important that when you are cleaning stairs using the hose and wand that your vacuum be at the bottom of the steps. Once the hose is stretched to the maximum length, if it is pulled any farther that could send the vacuum down the steps.

Replacing the hose of the DC17 is a tool free process and it should not take any longer than five minute if the steps below are followed.

How to replace the hose on a DC17:

  • Turn off and unplug your vacuum
  • Lift up the wand cap and pull the wand free from the vacuum.
  • Near the base of the wand there is a red button to push in that will release the wand from the hose
  • Remove the clear bin and open up the pre filter door
  • At the base of the vacuum directly under the cable winder is a u-bend that will need to be pulled off the vacuum
  • The hose can be now pulled through the circular plastic piece holding it in place
  • Reverse these steps to install your new hose.

Only Dyson manufactures their parts to perfectly fit their vacuums. Others have tried to purchase generic parts but have said that the hose they received did not fit as snug as the original Dyson DC17 Hose. When there is a poor fit, this can cause a loss of suction, not as bad as if the hose had a tear in it, but could still be noticeable.

The Dyson DC17 Hose is compatible with the following DC17 models: Absolute All Floors, Absolute Animal, Absolute Total Clean, Animal, Animal Exclusive, Asthma and Allergy

Dyson has also sold the DC17 Hose under the part number 911645-02.

Replacement part number for the Dyson DC17 Hose is 911645-07, DY-911645-07, DY-91164507.

Manufacturer: Dyson Parts
Manufacturer Part No: 911645-07

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