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Dyson DC25 Brush Bar

Dyson DC25 Brush Bar
In Stock : $19.37- Currently on Backorder

Genuine replacement DC25 Brushbar for all DC25 models

The Dyson DC25 Brushbar 917391-03, uses its bristles to push carpet pile aside to access ground in dirt and debris. Over a long period of time the bristles of the brushbar can wear out, especially if the vacuum is used more than normal, or the brush bar is turned on while vacuuming hard floors.

Replacing your DC25 Brushbar is simple and should not take any longer than 5 minutes.

To replace, or clean the DC25 Brushbar, follow these steps:

  • Turn off and unplug your vacuum
  • Turn the vacuum over to expose the soleplate
  • Using a coin turn the lock on the end cap
  • Twist the End Cap 90 degrees and pull the end cap and brushbar from the cleaner head
  • If the Brushbar is clogged, remove and hair or debris from it, and reinstall it into the cleaner head
  • If the Brushbar needs to be replaced, pull the old one off the end cap and replace it with the new one
  • Reverse the steps to reinstall the brushbar

Using a generic Brush bar may seem like a good idea at the time, but there have been reports from consumers that generic DC25 Brushbar are too big or too small for the cleaner head, and that the bristles easily fall out. Genuine Dyson replacement parts are made by the manufacture to Dysons specifications to ensure a seamless fit in your vacuum.

The Dyson DC25 Brushbar is compatible with the following DC25 Models: All Floors, All Floors Exclusive, Animal Exclusive, Animal MO Exclusive, Animal Plus, Animal Total Clean, Animal, Blue Print, Exclusive, MO Exclusive, Multi Floor Exclusive, Multi Floor Red, Multi Floor.

Replacement part number for the Dyson DC25 Brushbar is, 917391-03, DY-917391-03, DY-91739103.

Manufacturer: Dyson Parts
Manufacturer Part No: 917391-03

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