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Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Ball Vacuum

In Stock : No Longer Available

Dyson DC65 Upright Animal Ball Vacuum Cleaner.

The Dyson DC65 Animal is engineered to clean across hardwood and carpet better than any other vacuum out there. The DC65 has a remodeled cyclone technology as well as the latest in Ball technology.

The Dyson DC65 Animal is engineered with Radial Root Cyclonic technology. This technology has remodeled airflow that helps remove more dust, dirt, debris and allergens from your home. Radial Root Cyclonic technology works to reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure. This helps prevent a loss of suction.

With a self adjusting cleaner head, the DC65 Animal has more suction power. The active base plate creates the ideal cleaner head contact with every floor type and this reduces air leakage and prevents any loss of suction. The powerful suction will continue across all floor types with the DC65 Animal vacuum cleaner. Adding to the powerful suction is the reconfigured brush bar. The brush bar in the DC65 is 25% more powerful and drives the bristles deeper in the carpet pile to remove more dirt.

The Dyson DC65 Animal is built with Ball technology.  Ball technology makes maneuvering of this vacuum easier. The ball allows you to glide across the floor and turn with the simple twist of the wrist. The ball also houses the motor and ducting which cleans up the vacuum by reducing clutter on the body of the vacuum.  Less clutter and ball technology make cleaning in awkward spaces, along edges and around furniture easier.

The Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum has a clear bin which means you can see all the dirt and dust that is being picked up by the vacuum. The clear bin also allows you to see when it needs to be emptied. Emptying the clear bin is easy and hygienic with a simple press of a button. The clear bin on the DC65 Animal is made of ABS polycarbonate which is the same material that riot shields are made of.

The Dyson DC65 Animal comes with an assortment of great tools! These tools include the Tangle-Free turbine tool, the soft dusting brush, the combination crevice tool and the stair tool. The Tangle-Free turbine tool is the only turbine tool that will not tangle. Counter-rotating brushes remove hair and dirt from surfaces and release it straight into the clear bin. There is no spinning brush bar for hair to get tangled on. The Soft dusting brush is designed to gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces including delicate places and upholstery. The fine nylon bristles are soft to prevent scratching of surfaces and are angled at 45 degrees to sweep dust into the airflow where it is sucked away.

Like all new Dyson vacuums, the DC65 Animal comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

What's in the box
  • Combination crevice / stair tool
  • Operating manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Product registration card
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool
  • Soft dusting brush
Manufacturer: Dyson
Manufacturer Part No: 205472-01
Weight: 17.35 lbs.
Cord Length: 35 ft
Max Reach: 51.7 ft
Bagged or Bagless: Bagless
Bin Capacity: .55 gallons
Tools Included: Combination Crevice Tool, Stair Tool, Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, Soft Dusting Brush
Warranty: 5 year
Cyclone Technology: Radial Root Cyclone Technology
Floor Types: All Floors
Dimensions: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches
Brushbar Control: Reconfigured Brushbar
Movement Type: Ball Technology
Suction Power: 245 AW, Cleaner Head Suction Power: 180 AW

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