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Fabric Steamers

Fabric steamers are ideal for quickly removing wrinkles from a variety of garments. A fabric steamer is much quicker than an iron and the common issues associated with irons such as additional, unintended wrinkles aren’t present with the use of a fabric steamer

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Reliable G4 Fabric Steamer
Reliable Vivo 100GC Garment Steamer
In Stock: $149.00
Reliable Vivo 100GC Garment Steamer
Reliable G4m Fabric Steamer
Reliable Vivo 150GC Garment Steamer
In Stock: $169.00
Reliable Vivo 150GC Garment Steamer
Reliable manufactures two professional grade fabric steamers that are suitable for commercial or home use. A fabric steamer utilizes steam to soften fabric fibers allowing the fabric to relax out any wrinkles. Fabric steamers are also perfect for more delicate items that cannot be ironed in a traditional manner.

The Reliable fabric steamers are easy to use, which makes them a favorite of both professionals and novice users alike. The Reliable fabric steamers also offer a a removable brush for fabrics with a nap like velvet or corduroy can still benefit from a fabric steamer.