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Hoover Filters

Your Hoover vacuum cleaner can easily be around to serve your cleaning needs for many years, but some general maintenance is required. Just like changing the oil filter in your car, regularly changing the filter on your Hoover vacuum cleaner is crucial to its overall performance and longevity.

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Hoover BH50015 LiNX Genuine Foam Filter
In Stock: $14.48
Hoover BH50015 LiNX Genuine Foam Filter
A variety of Hoover filters are available for the evolving selection of Hoover vacuums available. With some models, you also have the option of upgrading the filter style to suit the individual needs of your home. Some Hoover filters are pre-motor filters (the most basic level of vacuum filtration) and can be washed and reused for a period of time. Once these filters begin to show permanent wear, it’s time to purchase a replacement filter.

Other filters available for various Hoover vacuum models include charcoal filters or HEPA filters. A charcoal filter is typically infused with an active charcoal medium for the purpose of absorbing odors in the home. These filter styles are ideal for homes with pets or smokers but cannot be washed and must be replaced at least once per year, depending on vacuum usage. HEPA filters, like charcoal filters, also must be replaced and cannot be cleaned. Filters that meet HEPA standards offer the highest levels of filtration and are ideal for allergy sufferers, individuals with asthma, or anyone concerned about their indoor air quality.

Every Hoover vacuum cleaner has at least one filter. Consult your owner’s manual if you are unsure of the filtration type included with your vacuum.