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Hoover Vacuum Parts

Hoover has been making reliable vacuums for over one hundred years, and you can keep your Hoover vacuum running smoothly with genuine Hoover vacuum parts.  Only genuine Hoover vacuum parts are guaranteed to be a perfect replacement for the part that shipped with your vacuum, meaning that only genuine Hoover replacement parts can match the superior quality of Hoover vacuums.  Using genuine Hoover spare parts will allow you to achieve the maximum cleaning performance your Hoover vacuum is capable of achieving.

Genuine Hoover vacuum bags perfectly fit their appropriate Hoover vacuum cleaners to provide the best possible particle filtration available for Hoover cleaners.  There are several types of filtration media available for Hoover vacuum bags, letting the user tailor their vacuum cleaning experience based upon the individual needs of their residence.  Hoover allergen filtration vacuum bags specialize in capturing pollen, pet dander, and other indoor allergen particles.  Hoover HEPA filter bags capture 99.97% of all airborne particles down to a size of 0.3 micrometers, the most difficult particle size for a filter to capture.  Genuine Hoover HEPA filter bags can capture pollen, pet dander, mold spores, airborne bacteria, and very fine dust particles that may otherwise irritate the lungs and respiratory system. carries other vacuum parts that require frequent maintenance to ensure optimal vacuum function.  Hoover vacuum belts are responsible for turning and operating many of the other internal components of your vacuum, which subjects them to regular wear and tear with every use.  Using genuine Hoover replacement vacuum belts will ensure that there is no extra strain on your other Hoover vacuum cleaner parts and that everything runs smoothly.  Hoover brush bars are used to agitate dirt and debris from carpeting and from bare floors alike, whisking up the mess into your Hoover’s vacuum air stream.  To ensure that your brush bar is the right size, buy a genuine Hoover brush bar assembly.  If you notice a loss of suction, try investigating your hose for any signs of puncture.  Genuine Hoover hose replacements are guaranteed to fit seamlessly to your Hoover vacuum so that you once more have the best suction levels. 

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