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Industrial & Professional Steam Cleaners

Vacuum-Direct is dedicated to providing our customers access to a full range of cleaning options, even those designed for industrial or commercial cleaning purposes. Our selection of professional-grade cleaning units contains ideal solutions for those seeking to clean and sanitize large office-spaces, factory workspaces, large retail environments, and the like. High-performance parts and design that caters to the heavy-duty cleaning capabilities needed in a professional setting, 

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Reliable Pro 1000CC Professional Steam Cleaner
In Stock: $1299 - Free Shipping
Reliable Pro 1000CC Professional Steam Cleaner
Reliable i37 Steam Gun
Reliable 3000DA Steam Gun
In Stock: $149.00
Reliable 3000DA Steam Gun

With their focus on cleaning solutions that specialize in high-capacity, industrial settings, Reliable offers distinguished machines that are known to perform well in commercial and professional environments. The Reliable EnviroMate FLEX EF700 is a commercial combination steam cleaner and wet/dry vacuum specially-designed to provide efficient cleaning and sanitation to large spaces. The EF700 is the perfect solution for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing a wide range of surfaces in nearly any commercial space. Its included arsenal of situation-specific attachments, quick startup, and independence from harmful or toxic additives makes it one of the best cleaning solutions on the market today. 

Also from Reliable is the Reliable Pro EP1000 Professional Steam Cleaner. Designed for the toughest cleaning jobs in commercial or home environments, this efficient and powerful steam cleaning solution works much like the EF700, but on a smaller scale. The EP1000 utilizes nothing aside from water to effectively clean and sanitize settings ranging from hospitals and schools to restaurants and hotels. An optional trolley enables a direct water-feed for the machine, while non-skid wheels help to increase mobility and prevent scuffed floors. The Reliable Pro EP1000 functions as a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly solutions than any other cleaner available.