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Miele Down Liquid Detergent

Miele Down Liquid Detergent
Miele Down Liquid Detergent
In Stock : $14.95

Miele Down Detergent

Miele Down Liquid Detergent is a specialty formula included in the Miele Care Collection of fabric care products. The Miele Down detergent is a special purpose laundry cleaning agent designed specifically for pillows, sleeping bags, jackets or other washable products containing down. This product is highly concentrated, allowing for the 250ml (8.45oz) bottle to thoroughly clean 14 full-sized loads of regularly soiled down items. 

Miele's down liquid detergent is a mild formula with natural ingredients that gently care for your cozy or comfort items filled with down feathers. The special detergent cleans down-filled items without removing their natural oils. Standard laundry detergents leave down items lumpy from coagulation of the down but this is not the case with the Miele Down liquid detergent because this high-efficiency formula reconditions the down to maintain its elasticity.

The Miele down liquid detergent is also good for the environment because all ingredients are naturally biodegradable with a light, unobtrusive fragrance.

Miele Down Liquid Detergent:
  • Size: 250ml, 8.45oz for 14 loads
  • Type: High-Efficiency Liquid
  • Scent: Low-key fragrance
  • Appearance: Amber-colored liquid
  • Environmental benefit: Ingredients are biodegradable
Manufacturer: Miele
Manufacturer Part No: 6808130

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