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Miele Telescopic Crevice Nozzle

Miele Telescopic Crevice Nozzle
Miele Telescopic Crevice Nozzle
In Stock : $20.49

Miele Telescopic Crevice Tool

The Miele Telescopic Crevice Tool is perfect for reaching those awkward, narrow spaces common when cleaning appliances like the refrigerator. The telescopic crevice tool gives your Miele crevice tool a length advantage as it fits on the end of the crevice tool that comes with your vacuum.  

The Miele telescopic crevice tool acts more like a crevice tool extension, allowing you to clean tight spaces that are farther reaching than your standard crevice tool can effectively reach. This device fits onto the standard miele crevice tool, the SFD 10 crevice tool, or the SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool. This is the standard tool that ships with the S658 Blue Moon, but is optional for use with all canisters. 
Manufacturer: Miele
Manufacturer Part No: 5120360

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