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Refurbished Vacuum Cleaners

In the hectic and highly-competitive world of vacuum manufacturing, occasionally a flawed unit can slip through the cracks and make its way to a valued customer. When this happens, everything is done to ensure that the customer is satisfied and that the flawed machine is replaced. But, what happens to the flawed original machine? The answer: it is shipped back to the manufacturer and fixed, or refurbished, and made available for purchase at a reduced priced. Vacuum-Direct offers refurbished vacuum cleaners as the ultimate in home-cleaning value.

Rug Doctor Refurbished Carpet Cleaners
Rug Doctor Refurbished Carpet Cleaners
Dyson Refurbished Models
Dyson Refurbished Vacuums
Each of the models contained within this category have been inspected and have had their faulty components replaced. As such, they are equipped with all the same features inherent in brand-new units, but are offered at a greatly-reduced price. Refurbished machines are a great option for consumers looking to maximize cleaning effectiveness on a budget, or the home-owner who simply wants to get the most for their money.