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Reliable Steamboy T2 Hard Floor Sweeper & Steamer Combo

Reliable Steamboy T2 Hard Floor Sweeper & Steamer Combo
Reliable Steamboy T2 Hard Floor Sweeper & Steamer Combo
In Stock : No Longer Available

Steamboy T2 Steam Mop & Sweeper

Reliable Steamboy T2

Reliable Steamboy T2 is the ultimate, quick-cleaning, steam generating, mopping and sweeping machine! Did you get all of that? The Steamboy T2 is revolutionary because it can tackle two different types of floor soiling - wet or dry debris and spills. Beyond the convenience of quickly cleaning up different types of messes, cleaning with steam is as green and environmentally responsible as it comes. It is a natural and free way to clean and sanitize your home without endangering little ones or pets with the harsh chemicals that come from commercial cleaners. And did we mention it's free? Cleaning with chemicals costs a lot of money, why not save the environment and your wallet with one, smart purchase. 

Remember the last spill you cleaned up? Getting on your hands and knees with a handful of paper towels and a bottle of commercial cleaner is the typical regimen when a bowl of cereal hits the floor. With the Steamboy T2 steam mop and sweeper, one cleaning machine tackles these jobs quickly and with little effort from you. Hard floor surfaces can easily be cleaned and sanitized with the push of a button, and spills are no longer a worry. The best part - all you need is water!

So to be clear, the Steamboy T2 is a revolutionary 2-in-1 sweeper and mop combined. The power of steam provides chemical-free cleaning with the touch of a button. Easily go from sweeping to mopping with steam by pressing the buttons on the ergonomic handle. From tight corners to the edges of baseboards, the Steamboy T2 can handle every angle thanks to the swivel head and ergonomic design. The Steamboy T2 also comes with a carpet steamer attachment to sanitize carpets. 

Click on the product image of the Steamboy T2 for additional images and information. Click here for the Steamboy T2 product guide produced by the Reliable Corporation. 

Steamboy T2

Hard surface sweeper combined with a steam floor mop
Powerful Sweeper
Heavy-duty sweeper bristles provide wide coverage while sweeping up dust and little spills with a quickness. Steamboy T2 provides an 8” sweeper cleaning path.
Chemical Free Cleaning

If green cleaning interests you in the least bit, you should consider the Steamboy T2. Using on 100% natural (and free) water the T2 cleans and sanitizes hard floors throughout your home, pure and simple.

180° Swivel Head
Many sweepers and steam mops do a great job on the open floor, but fail when it comes to corners and tight spaces. The Steamboy T2 includes a swivel head rotating 180° to easily access all the nooks, crannies, corners and more.
Washable Microfiber Pads
Another green feature of the Steamboy T2 is the washable microfiber pads. When they become soiled, toss them into the washing machine and hang dry.
Ergonomic Design
With a lightweight, easy-grip handle and conveniently located steam activation and sweeper buttons, the Steamboy T2 is comfortable to use.
Sanitize Carpet
Steamboy T2 can sanitize the surface of carpets and area rugs with the carpet steamer attachment.
Removable Water Tank
Refilling your Steamboy during use is simple. The water tank is easily removed for refills during use and the anti-scale cartridges are a simple replacement when needed.
Removable Dust Bin
To discard waste the dust bin is easily removed and can be rinsed clean when needed.
Dry Spills
The Steamboy T2 efficiently sweeps up dry spills, dust, or debris from any hard surface.
Wet Spills
Mop up and sanitize those wet spills from your hard surfaces.
Combo Spills
Mix of wet and dry spills on your hard floor? No problem! Steamboy T2 quickly removes the wet/dry spills with the sweeper steamer combo.
Technical Specifications
Steam temperature
248°F - 120°C
Water capacity
3.3 cups (800ml)
Steam ready time
Continuous steam
30 minutes
Power consumption
13 amps
Net weight
8 pounds (3.6kg)
Shipping weight
10 pounds (4.5kg)
Product dimensions
9.5” x 10” x 47”
Shipping dimensions
28.5” x 10” x 7.5”
Country of origin
Electrical approval
Limited 1 Year

Reliable Steamboy T2 Steamer Sweeper

Manufacturer: Reliable
Manufacturer Part No: T2
Weight: 8 pounds
Warranty: 1 year
Dimensions: 9.5” x 10” x 47”
Energy Consumption: 13 amps
Voltage: 1500W

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