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SEBO Automatic X Upright Vacuum Cleaner

In Stock : From $849.00 to $939.00

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SEBO Automatic X:

SEBO Automatic X4 & Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO has been bringing their flawless German engineering to the vacuum market since 1978 and have made many technological advancements in vacuum design. The latest example being the SEBO Automatic X: one of the most technically advanced vacuum in the world. It features an electronic controller that acts as a brain, measuring the resistance of the brush roller against the floor and signaling the power head to adjust up or down to the appropriate brush height, ensuring optimum performance on carpet and hard surfaces alike. The controller also regulates a warning system that not only alerts the user to problems such as clogs, a worn brush, a full bag and brush roller obstructions, but it also automatically shuts off the vacuum, when necessary, to protect the motor and belts from damage. In addition, the Automatic X has a convenient instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose, and it comes with a lifetime belt warranty.

The combination ergonomic carrying handle features a rotating cord hook, making the SEBO Automatic X easy to transport and the cord easy to unwind. A cord length of 40 feet makes it so you don’t have to constantly change electrical outlets in order to clean an entire room. The handle enables the unit to lay flat on the floor so you can clean under beds and coffee tables, while an intermediate handle position is suitable for rolling over rugs. The Automatic X has a flat to floor profile of only 5 1/2 inches.

The SEBO Automatic X comes standard with a full-size crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and a large 1.4 gallon filter bag. Many optional accessories are available to complete your vacuuming needs. 

The SEBO Automatic X comes in two distinct models: the Automatic X4 features a 12-inch wide cleaning head with a 10.5-inch cleaning path, while the Automatic X5 features a 15-inch wide cleaning head with a 14.5-inch cleaning path. SEBO outfits both models with an easily maintainable clog removal door, brush roller, and hard floor “sealing strip”.

The SEBO Automatic X is the perfect vacuum for keeping your household floors and carpet spotless, while keeping your mind easy with its technically superior design and automatic brush-height control. SEBO keeps their vacuums running strong by ensuring certain models contain S-class pre-motor microfilters. These microfilters remove 99.9% of all airborne particulates entering the vacuum’s airflow pathway and capture them before the cooling air can reach the motor. Having cool and clean air running over the motor means SEBO vacuums can continue to run at top performance for many years after other vacuum brands have quit. SEBO Automatic X, along with select other SEBO vacuum models, can be outfitted with a HEPA pre-motor microfilter to further clean the air passing through the motor, extending vacuum life even further.

The SEBO Automatic X4 is available in 4 attractive color combinations: Black/Silver, Red/Dark Gray, White/Dark Gray, and Blue/Yellow. The Automatic X5 is available in White/Dark Gray or Blue/Yellow. You must choose from the drop down menu above which SEBO Automatic X vacuum series and color you prefer. 


  • Suction Motor: 1300 Watts
  • Airflow Rating: 103.8 CFM
  • Water Lift Rating: 92 in.
  • Body Weight (lbs.): 16.7 for X4/16.9 for X5
  • Dust Brush & Cleaning Wand included
  • Cleaning Head Width (in.): 12 for X4/ 15 for X5
  • Brush Speed: 3100 RPM
  • Automatic Brush Height Adjustment
  • 40 ft. Cord Length
  • S-class filtration included & HEPA filtration available
  • 4 color options for Automatic X4 & 2 color options for Automatic X5
Manufacturer: SEBO
Manufacturer Part No: 9501AM
Weight: 16.7 for X4/16.9 for X5
Cord Length: 40 ft
Tools Included: Dust Brush & Cleaning Wand included
Color: 4 color options for Automatic X4 & 2 color options for Automatic X5
Filtration Type: S-class filtration included & HEPA filtration available
Airflow (motor rating): 103.8 CFM
Brush Height Adjustment: Automatic
Product Feature: Brush Speed: 3100 RPM
Water Lift Rating: 92 in.
Suction Power: 1300 Watts

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