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SEBO FELIX Anti-Odor Carbon Motor Protection Filter

In Stock : $29.99

SEBO FELIX Anti-Odor Carbon Motor Protection Filter

The SEBO Felix is designed with a pre-motor filter to aid in cleaning the air that passes into the machine before it reaches the motor. The pre-motor filter helps to keep your Felix running for as long as possible without needing repair, but this replacement filter can do even more. The anti-odor filter contains a layer of activated carbon that removes gaseous odor-causing molecules from the air being drawn into the machine, before it can reach the motor. When used in conjunction with the standard exhaust filter on the SEBO Felix, this filter helps keep your house smelling fresh for years to come.

This Anti-odor Carbon Motor Protection Filter is intended for use with the SEBO Felix model upright vacuum.

Manufacturer: SEBO
Manufacturer Part No: 7185ER

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