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SEBO Stick Vacs

SEBO takes the idea of a stick vac and does things a little differently. Their "stick style" vacs have the full capabilities of many full sized upright vacuums.

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SEBO Duo Brush Machine
In Stock: $549.00
SEBO Duo Brush Machine
The SEBO duo Brush Machine and SEBO Felix vacuum are prime examples of German engineering at its finest. These Stick Vacuums by SEBO share a lightweight and portable profile, though they differ in their intended purpose.

The SEBO Felix is a full-featured stick vacuum that excels at cleaning deep into the carpet pile, removing dirt, dust, and debris using its powerful suction motor. The Felix is also capable of being outfitted with a varied selection of SEBO powerheads, such as the ET-2 powerhead with extended edge-cleaning, the ET-C for deep carpet cleaning, or even the SEBO disco Floor Polisher head that turns what was formerly an ultra-effective vacuum into a comprehensive floor polishing machine. The Felix features a handle as part of its body design, allowing it to transform instantly into a portable canister vacuum that utilizes a long instant-use suction hose to clean hard-to-reach areas in your home.

In comparison, the SEBO duo Brush Machine does not utilize a suction motor and is designed to be used alongside SEBO’s duo-P cleaning powder. The Brush Machine is used to provide an effective deep cleaning solution for carpets, lifting away stains and sticky messes without the use of water or chemicals. This “dry” cleaning system works by first placing the duo-P powder onto the carpeted area and using the brush machine to roll over the mess. The machine’s dual brush rollers spin at 400 RPM and brush the cleaning powder deep into the carpet fibers, where it soaks up staining, liquids, and mold. Once this process is complete, the mixture is vacuumed up - possibly with a SEBO Felix!

These SEBO Stick Vacuums both feature low profiles that make it possible for them to maneuver easily under and around furniture, as well as making them simple to store or transport.