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SEBO Upright Vacuums

SEBO didn’t invent the upright vacuum cleaner, but they’re certainly working to perfect it. An impeccable design is the reason most often cited for SEBO’s success in the vacuum market and that, along with a series of industry design firsts, is the reason they hold such an esteemed position in an industry brimming with contenders.

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SEBO Essential G Series Upright Vacuum Cleaner
In Stock: From $699.00 to $729.00
SEBO Essential G Series Upright Vacuum Cleaner
SEBO Automatic X Upright Vacuum Cleaner
In Stock: From $849.00 to $939.00
SEBO Automatic X Upright Vacuum Cleaner
In the upright category, SEBO offers different models. Each upright vacuum is designed to provide an easily maneuverable, efficient, and cost-effective cleaning solution for your home or business. While each SEBO upright vacuum will grant the user an excellent cleaning experience, SEBO has designed various models to serve particular cleaning functions, and one that is designed to serve them all!

The SEBO Automatic X is the brand’s standard upright and serves as a showcase for the technical advancements SEBO has made in vacuum design. An electronic controller  inside the vacuum enables it to automatically adjust brush height to deal with myriad carpet styles, as well as flat hard surfaces. The Automatic X5 features an extended power head that gives it a wider cleaning path than the Automatic X4.

The SEBO Essential G has also been outfitted with an electronic “brain” controller that warns users to problems with the brush roller, such as clogs or obstructions. Unlike the Automatic X, the Essential G does not feature automatic height adjustments for its brush rollers, but a 4-level manual height adjustment system helps users to tackle differing carpet levels. Separate motors for the brush roller and suction enable the Essential G to easily switch to hose suction. The Essential G is available in two models: The Essential G1 and the Essential G2, the latter featuring an extended power head with a wider cleaning path.

The SEBO 370 Comfort is the upright designed especially for carpeted floors. SEBO touts this upright as the most durable, with automatic shut-off sensors and heavy-duty belts to keep it lasting an incredible number of years. The Comfort is also SEBO’s quietest upright, with a maximum sound level of 66.1 decibels.

The SEBO Felix is, by far, the most versatile of all SEBO brand uprights. It is the only upright model to feature an interchangeable power head, meaning it can be outfitted with any SEBO power head, as well as the Disco floor polisher head. Having a removable power head means the Felix can transform into a lightweight and portable suction unit, perfect for cleaning car interiors or hard-to-reach areas.

As part of its standard design for uprights, SEBO has equipped all of its upright models with an instant-use suction hose, microfilter technology, and a low-profile that helps them to maneuver under furniture and other obstacles.