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SEBO Automatic X Series HEPA Service Box (Bags & Filters)

In Stock : From $69.99 to $419.94

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SEBO Service Box of Bags & Filters for Automatic X Vacuums

This SEBO Service Box is designed for use with the Automatic X model upright vacuum and contains three easy-to-install components to help ensure your SEBO Automatic X is performing at maximum efficiency.

8 Ultra Filter Bags are included to give you the best in top-filling, dust and dirt capturing technology. Each bag contains 1.4-gallons of storage and a multi-layered lining that helps to promote airflow through the bag, while ensuring that air escaping through the sides isn’t tainted by airborne particles or allergens.

1 Pre-motor HEPA Filter that cleans incoming air of up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size or larger. With this comprehensive filtration in place, the air entering into the vacuum’s cleaning head or instant-use hose will be of the the utmost purity before passing over the vacuum’s motor. With clean air cooling the motor, your Automatic X is guaranteed a long service life.

1 Exhaust Filter to help keep the air entering your home as clean as possible. Where a pre-motor filter helps to keep your vacuum at peak performance, an exhaust filter ensures that air entering back into your home is free of irritants and allergens.

The SEBO HEPA Service Box - X series is available in 2 different quantities: Single box (see above) and 6 box carton (48 Ultra Bags, 6 HEPA Filters, and 6 Exhaust Filters)

Manufacturer: SEBO
Manufacturer Part No: 5827ER

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