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Shark Vacuum Accessories

Shark Vacuum accessories available to our customers include replacement pads and microfiber cleaning pads. To get the most out of your Shark Steam Mop, replace these Shark vacuum pads regularly.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop Pads - 2 Pack
In Stock: $19.99
Shark Steam Pocket Mop Pads - 2 Pack
Shark accessories include packs of replacement pads for many of Shark’s innovative steam-cleaning products. All of the company’s steam-cleaning solutions require nothing more than distilled water in order to provide effective cleaning of stuck-on messes, staining, and grime from hard floor surfaces. As such, these replacement cleaning pads are easy to change and serve as one of the most cost-effective floor care implements, providing fast and simple cleaning power.

Shark carries several variations of their patented micro-fiber cleaning pads, each designed to securely fit onto the business end of a particular Shark steam mop or otherwise. These comprehensive cleaning pads are one of the reasons Shark steam-cleaners serve as a great replacement for awkward mops and buckets.