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Shop Vac Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Kit

In Stock : $185.69


The Shop-Vac 1.25 Basic Cleaning Kit is a collection of useful cleaning attachments that have been designed to fit a 1.25-inch hose end and have been constructed from durable polypropylene. Contained within this kit are several pieces from Shop-Vacs lineup of quality cleaning attachments, each suited to a particular cleaning scenario.

The 7 x 1.25 Hose provides lon-lasting and effective reach, for cleaning areas that are normally out of range. 

2 Metal Extension Wands add even more reach to your arsenal, along with an especially durable metal construction.

A 10 Floor Nozzle allows for effective cleaning with a wide cleaning-path, meaning youll get the job done quicker. Included with the nozzle are several specialized inserts to tackle a variety of messes. A Squeegee Insert for wet messes on hard floors, a Brush Insert for loose dirt and debris, and a Rug Insert for removing dirt and dust from delicate rugs.

A Crevice Tool brings the ability to clean between narrow spaces in your home, office, or workshop with its slim profile and angled nozzle.

The Round Brush features stiff nylon bristling that serves as an ideal dust and dirt remover.

The 6 Nozzle provides great suction in a smaller package. This cleaning nozzle is great for tight spaces and sensitive upholstery.

Manufacturer: Shop Vac
Manufacturer Part No: 9190010

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