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Steam Presses

Vacuum-Direct knows that not everybody has the time or patience for traditional ironing. With our selection of Steam Presses, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a quick and easy alternative that still gives your clothes and linens that crisp, creased look that many find so desirable.

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Reliable Aria 200SP LED Digital Electronic Steam Press
In Stock: $499.00-Limited Quantities Available-Order Today!
Reliable Aria 200SP LED Digital Electronic Steam Press
Miele B 990 E Rotary Iron
Miele B 990 E Rotary Iron
In Stock: $1,999.00
Miele B 990 E Rotary Iron
The famous home-care experts at Reliable developed their Empressa line of electronic steam presses as a user-friendly method of maintaining immaculately pressed clothes, without having to pay professionals to get the job done. The Empressa S330 combines classic steam press design with modern innovation to form an efficient and simple pressing solution. Its wide pressing board covers more area than a conventional iron, allowing users to achieve the desired effect in half the time. The S330’s usefulness is rivaled only by Reliable’s other steam pressing unit: the Empressa S550. The S550 features the simple and easy-to-use design of the S330, but with the added convenience of an LED, instead of digital, thermostat, larger water tank, and metal mesh screen plate that guarantees the unit against warping from repeated use. No matter your choice, a steam press from Reliable is sure to provide thousands of perfectly pressed, shirts, linens, and more.