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Vacuum Bags

Find the vacuum bags you need at a price you can afford. Ordering bags in bulk is a great way to save. Begin your vacuum bag shopping by choosing your brand below. 

Vacuum cleaner bags are the number one consumable item in the vacuum cleaner industry and Vacuum-Direct has no shortage of these items required for use in many vacuum brands. Using a bagged vacuum is the number one way to ensure that the items collected by your vacuum will not be released back into your home. Bagged vacuum’s also offer benefits to allergy and asthma sufferers by keeping the dust and dander contained within a sealed system as opposed to dumping a bin on a vacuum. 

Vacuum bags are highly specific to a vacuum model. Many brands offer specialized dust bags from multi-layered synthetic to anti-allergy vacuum bags. Modern vacuum bags are often manufactured via a spun cotton material which is a stark contrast to the old paper vacuum bags of yesteryear. There are great benefits to the cloth woven vacuum bags of today including microscopic filtration and a material that won’t rip like paper when being removed from a vacuum. 

Vacuum bags are also offered in generic and genuine styles, where generic bags are manufactured for a vacuum by a third-party and genuine bags are manufactured by the original vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Genuine bags are highly recommended for most vacuum cleaners, especially those still under warranty as using a generic bag could void your warranty. However, many older vacuum cleaner models may only have the option to use generic bags as the original manufacturer may no longer offer support for an older model. 

Many modern vacuum cleaners use a disposable vacuum bag, though some also have a non-disposable outer bag that needs to be replaced after years of use. These are also available for replacement from Vacuum-Direct.